Tips for finding the best camping site when on your vacation

Camping especially during summer brings the best experience especially to people like you who like exploring. I myself enjoy exploring the backwoods of Arkansas after a long hard week at my garage door repair job. Here are some tips on how to find that perfect ground for camping.

Under a tree or shade, a shade will come at hand when protecting you against wind or direct sunlight. It is not an awesome experience waking up to the sun blazing up on you, especially if you are the kind that likes to enjoy the extra morning hours or you want to chill in your tent during the day reading a  book.

Safety, choose a place that is far from animal trails, these are waterways or hunting ways for animals. if you are visiting the savannah, an encounter with a hunting animal is not the exact experience. Some camps are protected by guards who protect you at night. It is good to ask the required camping rage to avoid camping too far or in hazard-prone areas.

Privacy, prefer an area that that is far from other campers, most public campgrounds are noisy with barbecues parties going late into the night and other campers who want to start their day early. Do not camp too close to other people as you may interfere with their privacy too. 

Terrain, your campground location should be on a gently sloping area, an area that allows rainwater to flow easily without flooding or collecting at one place. Stagnant water attracts mosquitoes, especially in the savannah. The area should be considered flat to avoid rolling downhill when sleeping.

Clean, ensure that the area you choose for your campground is clean and not used as a dumping site by other campers. Clean the area for any paper and marks of human presence after the trip, bearing in mind conserving nature and leaving the place like you found it, or better.

Close to water source and amenities, you don’t want to travel several miles in search of water or a latrine. This idea is considerable because being more closer to a common resource can bring disturbances at odd hours. 

Avoid valley bottoms, valley bottoms are prone to accumulation of cold air and flooding due to water flows.

Dry ground; choose land with soil that drains easily, most preferably sand soil or a place with dense mulch.

You can now enjoy a good night sleep and wake up in the morning feeling all freshened up. Nice holiday.…